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It’s Valentine’s Day. How could I not write about this?

At the elementary school I attended, V-day was all the rage. We would build the most elaborate “boxes” for our valentines (I distinctly remember one year I constructed a burning building with people falling out and superheroes catching them). And there were plenty of other opportunities to be creative with the holiday.

Nowadays, people still appreciate the gifts (but being an adult I guess I need to choose more mature surprises) that come on the holiday of love. However, according to an infographic published on Mashable, most of the gifts that people want have to do with sex, sleep, and recent technology like smart phones.

Has Technology Changed How We Think About Love?

I’m really interested in just one question: Has the new gambit of technology, particularly the Internet changed how we think about love?

Certainly. Particularly when it comes to sex.

Most millenials will report that they have used the Internet to either flirt or start a relationship at least once. Many have done it multiple times. Then there are those who rely completely Is the Digital age changing the way we think about love?on online dating services to find a partner.

Facebook alone is giving online dating sites a run for their money. (For more on how Facebook is developing, check out “The Future of Facebook Marketing.”)

Intimacy is Being Demeaned

For the people who this has helped, I say to you, “brava.” But where benefits are, cons will follow. One in four people know someone who has ruined a relationship because of their actions on the Internet. Interestingly enough, 13% of millenials don’t believe a strongly sexual relationship online with someone besides their partner is cheating. Perhaps because of the lack of physical contact?

So has love turned to lust? Or has lust just been made more readily available? The Internet is saturated with sexual content, and most people have used it for explicit purposes or to fuel their curiosity about the subject.

With so much information so readily available, it isn’t a shock that people have a hard time containing themselves.  51% of people surveyed believe that sexual-related content in the media encourages teens to have sex before they are ready. 43% believe it has cheapened the intimate experience.

So I write this Valentine’s Day to anyone and everyone  who loves someone (this should cover about everybody). Remember, that while the Internet is amazing it can never replace the love of another person. So put away your computers, smart phones, tablets, and whatever else you can think of, forget about SEO for a day, and go find someone to share the holiday with. Watch a movie. Go to dinner. Build a valentines box. And enjoy.


photo credit: merwing✿little dear via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director