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Good old Grandma wants to start her own website.  Of course, she’s going to need some help, and who better to help her than her smart, loving grandson/granddaughter?  And obviously, her grandchild is thrilled to help sweet Grandma build a successful website.

Well, what do you want the website to be about, you ask her.  She replies that  she had the ingenious idea to create a dating site specifically for her descendants so that she can have lots and lots of grandchildren.

After bemoaning the fact that you already promised to help her, you start to get to work.  But Grandma is so invested in making this site productive, she wants to know the how and why of everything you are doing.   So you begin to explain to her exactly why web design is so important to the success of a website.

There are billions of web pages out there, but not all pages are created equal.  Every page is different, created by different individuals for different purposes.  In order to break through all the clutter and accomplish what it is meant to accomplish, a site needs to be designed efficiently.  One of the obvious reasons is that a nice design is aesthetically pleasing, making a good first impression and enticing the viewer to want to learn more.  No one wants to look at a site that is so unorganized and ugly that it raises their blood pressure and ruins their eyesight.  But there is more to design than just enticing a viewer’s attention.

Every website has a main goal.  And in order to reach this goal, there must be smaller goals or steps that lead up to that goal.  For example, Grandma wants more grandbabies.   She has high morals, though, so before this can happen she needs her current offspring to get married to someone of the opposite sex.  And marriage won’t happen until the couple begins dating first.  And that isn’t possible until they meet each other for the first time.  This bottom step of introducing possible mates to her offspring is what the website needs to focus on first.  So the design should be created with this goal in mind.  The overall organization should drive possible mates to be interested in and meet Grandma’s offspring.

In reality, creating an effective website design is a little more complicated, but those are the basics.  Again, each person is going to use different techniques and strategies in working towards these aspects of design, and some websites will work better than others.  But if Grandma’s site is designed effectively and uses these simple tips, there will be plenty of wedding bells and baby showers in the future.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director