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SEOers and online marketers are constantly having to deal with updates to search engines. Because of this, you might hear one thing one month and something completely different the next month. This does not mean that any particular person you spoke to was right or wrong. In fact, with the way optimization techniques are evolving, both could have been right.

So I’m going to outline for you some common SEO myths that I have heard floating around and then destroy them like Optimus Prime did to Megatron in Transformers 3.

Myth #1

SEO and Social Media are completely unrelated.

I would have believed this before Facebook, Twitter, and other social media moguls came to play. And while you might talk to a few people who say they are two different tasks to undertake, the truth is they are very related, if not interconnected. With Google’s algorithm constantly changing, new elements of SEO are being thrown into the mix. Social media is one of them. If a business gains an influential following on a social network and someone searches for that business or Google or Bing, do you really think the company’s network page won’t show up or that a bajillion different people talking about a product won’t affect rankings? Think again! You can turn to Google+ for evidence. Google puts Google+ up in its search results. Why? Because social media is a great way to gauge what companies are truly relevant. Google is paying attention to social media networks, local pages, and reviews. If you don’t have anyone doing your social media work you should think twice about neglecting it.

Debunking Seo Myths

 Myth #2

 You don’t need help to do your SEO.

While it’s true that there are several aspects of SEO that are simple enough for anyone to do, you need to realize that are many complicated aspects of SEO that takes years to learn and even more years to master. That’s why people hire companies like Big Leap to handle the craziness for them. SEO delves into the realms of online marketing, coding, PR, advertising, and many other technical aspects. Why else do you think SEO companies exist and often thrive in today’s economy? It’s because they are needed and they know what it takes to get things done.

 Myth #3

 Google hates on SEO companies.

Google is very strict and thorough when it comes to monitoring sites and SEO efforts. Because of this, many people think that Google frowns upon SEO companies performing optimization work for clients. But that’s just silly. All companies, big or small, new or old, optimize their websites. SEO is useful because it helps people find content that is relevant to whatever they are searching. However, Google does hate black-hat SEO. Black-hat SEO is all the dirty ways to optimize a site, like keyword stuffing, that Google will penalize you for doing. Before you hire an SEO company you should make sure you know how they go about their business. If your site is being optimized by black-hatters it will take a long time to recover after Google black lists you from its pages.

Myth #4

SEO companies can guarantee you results.

You will probably hear this from a lot of companies that you talk to. It is completely bogus. There is no guaranteed way to get results when doing SEO. Why? Because the Internet is like a morphing blog of silly putty. Right when you think you have figured out how things work it changes. And when it changes, not all your efforts will continue being effective. And don’t listen to companies who claim they can somehow manipulate the rankings to get you to the top. First of all, there is no magic way. If there was, everyone would have caught on by now and everyone would be using it…which, of course, would then render it useless. If someone claims they have the inside scoop, that probably means they are going to be using black-hat SEO practices to speed up your rankings. But Google wants your rankings to be organic, not made out of silicone, if you get my drift.


Armed with the knowledge you now have, you should be able to find a good SEO company that will do honest and thorough work to ensure your rankings will bring traffic to your website and money to your pockets. P.S. Big Leap is one of those honest, hardworking companies. Check us out. We’re a full-service SEO company who only guarantees that we will work as hard as we can to get your site where you want it to be.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director