Do you even think about the Presidents on President’s Day? Or are you more worried about whether you get work off or not?

To get us to have American Pride and to truly celebrate President’s Day, Google has created their U.S. President’s Showcase, which teaches you about each presidents as you follow them on Google Earth.

The U.S. Presidential Showcase takes you to a birthplace map of all 44 presidents, as well as telling you information about each president’s term. You can view Washington’s Memorial, Lincoln’s Memorial, the White House, and other such historical monuments in 3D with audio tours, becoming a history buff and truly celebrating President’s Day if you aren’t already.

What I like about Google is that they use their dominant online presence to truly help their users, and now to even help their country. :) Grow closer to your country and enjoy Google’s U.S. President’s Showcase with Google Maps Marketing.