SXSW and Your Start-Up

If you’ve even heard of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival, you are likely familiar with their reputation as one of the top destinations for popular and emerging musicians.  What most people don’t know is that SXSW is not exclusively about music. The festival is actually 3 festivals rolled into one: SXSW Music, SXSW Film, and [...]

SEO for Your Small Business

If you are working to build a small business in today’s economy you know that finding the time and money to devote to Search Engine Optimization can be difficult at best.  Finding the right people to help you with that is tricky, and while you take some time to figure out how to find a [...]

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Mobile World as We Know It

Think about then you search the web, what device do you use? Our world today has changed a lot in the past 10 years.  From huge block phones that plugged into your car to mini pads that are voice controlled and can be used anywhere in the world. This has had a massive impact on [...]

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SEO Website Design Basics

Have you ever been disappointed in a product after hearing the description in the advertisement? For example, have you ever found yourself saying, “The burger looked bigger in the picture” or “this hotel has a lot more bugs than I read in the description.” The same thing happens in the SEO world with Websites. It doesn’t [...]

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How To Increase Visitor Involvement With Your Website

With over 600 million websites on the Web, it shouldn't come as a surprise to those reading that there are some truly ugly and useless websites out there. Unfortunately, it just might be that yours is one of those ugly and useless ones. If it is, you will find you have a high bounce rate, [...]

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Welcome to—the NEW In light of the New Year and our old site, we wanted to create a new look for ourselves. This is a much more accurate representation of who we are, what we do, and how we work. We’ve always been a one-stop shop, but now we’re a one-stop site as [...]

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Big Leap is now providing peace of mind for you and security for your website. Have you ever worried about the guy who lives in his mom’s basement with nothing better to do but hacking websites, installing malware, changing your website’s content, and getting your website blacklisted? You've heard of the type. This guy could [...]

Mobile Shopping and Thanksgiving

I'll never forget my first (and pretty much only) Black Friday shopping experience. I went with my two best friends in the dark of night and stood outside of our local Sports Authority in the freezing cold. Every customer that stood in line was given a gift card worth up to $500. Our naive hopes [...]

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Ode to my iPhone 5

My iPhone 5 is not just a phone. It would be an insult to think of her like that. She is my companion. She helps me in the work place with all of her wonderful features. She motivates me. Our love is real and to those who think otherwise, just read these lyrics to the [...]

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