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Tips for how to use Pinterest in your SEO campaign

Pinterest has come a long way since it’s beginning in 2010. What once began as a social media site has since turned into one of the world’s most popular image search engines. Today, there are 175+ million users on Pinterest, many of whom use Pinterest to make buying decisions or to decide what to buy […]

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The Importance of Instagram in SEO

Instagram may have initially gained popularity as a photo-sharing platform, but today its value extends beyond its digital scrapbook capabilities.

With over 500 million daily active accounts worldwide, 80% of Instagram accounts belong to businesses, establishing itself as a respected networking and branding tool.

If you thought Instagram and business don’t mix very well, think […]

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Facebook SEO…Is it worth it?

Facebook and SEO. SEO and Facebook. It may not roll off the tongue as easily as peanut butter and jelly does, but that doesn’t mean Facebook SEO can’t be a perfect match. With social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter quickly growing in popularity, Facebook continues to maintain its standing as the biggest and most […]

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How SEO and Social Media Work Together

Peanut butter and jelly. Oreos and milk. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Just some of the world’s greatest combinations. But have you ever considered this powerful marketing combo—social media and SEO? To many business owners’ surprise, social media and SEO are not only connected, but, when paired together properly, can turn into a powerful integrated marketing […]

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Integrating Your Blog & Social Media

Blogging can be a very fun and exciting way to put your thoughts and ideas into the world. However, in order for the world to see your blog, there needs to be a level of commitment and strategy behind the whole operation. One of the best ways to put “the word” out there involves social […]

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What We Learned at the SLC|SEM Digital Marketing Conference

Salt Lake City, and by extension, the state of Utah, had its first Digital Marketing Conference this week that brought together hundreds of the best companies and brightest minds in the area. And by all accounts, the conference was a huge success, paving the way for future conferences and more great events coming to […]

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Where was everybody on Thursday? If you were looking for some of the top people at the fastest growing companies in Utah, a lot of them were at the Grand America in Salt Lake City for the Utah Business Fast 50 Awards Luncheon.

Who was there? Well, Sam Urie, publisher of Utah Business Magazine, and Shauna […]

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Should I Hire One Digital Marketing Company to Do My SEO, PPC, and Social Media?

SEO. PPC. Social Media. These are completely different things, right?

Well, they each have unique components, and they each require a specific kind of expertise. But they are one and the same–digital marketing. You could even take it one step further and call it just marketing.

To be successful, you don’t just need SEO. You’re not going to […]

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How to Do Social Media For a Small Business

Over one billion people use Facebook every month. That number may be a little deceiving, because reaching those people is harder than you might think. There’s enormous potential to using social media for business, but it’s not as simple as creating a profile and expecting the “likes” and “shares” to come pouring in.

If you’ve put […]

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Google To The Max…And Then Some (Part 2)

I am back with more Google+ love! So you have your Google+ account, you might have even started creating “circles”. That is fantastic. So, let’s pick up where we left off. As a business, your goal is to grow and get more clients. With Google+, your goal should be to establish solid connections with other […]

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