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3 Digital Marketing Lessons for PR

As much as some try to put digital marketing and PR into the same category, they’re not quite the same thing. They are two separate strategies often serve the same goal: to increase brand awareness and thereby increase the bottom line. I graduated with a degree in public relations, but found the digital marketing industry exciting and […]

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How I Successfully Pitched the Huffington Post in Under 100 Words

We have the opportunity to work with media outlets all across the nation. Our goal, along with building strong, beneficial relationships with reporters, is to get our clients’ news in front of as many eyes as possible. As an agency, we’ve secured stories in some of the top media outlets, both traditional and digital, in […]

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Top 3 Free Tools for Online Outreach

As long as Google’s algorithm is a link-based one, high-quality links will always be important to any campaign. Link building is an essential tactic to improve SERP results. So, how do you get links onto quality sites? In this post, we’ll cover two basic strategies, as well as our top three suggestions for free outreach tools. […]

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Email Outreach & the Drafting Technique

Looking to refresh your outreach technique in 2016? Try the drafting technique. It’s a simple, but effective strategy that has the potential to create more shareable content, improve your relationships with media sites and bloggers, and increase your traffic. Here’s how you can try it out for yourself. In the world of content marketing, not only […]

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Connect with Customers Through Quora, Yahoo Answers & LinkedIn

In 2016, the customer journey is expected to become even more fractured as customers seek information from a variety of sources, during several brief browsing sessions. Google has even coined these mini browsing sessions “Micro-Moments.” In order to succeed, your business needs to have a presence during all of these sessions, across all mediums and […]

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5 Great Tips to Help You Find Email Addresses for Outreach

We all know what it’s like to spend hours perfecting the perfect outreach pitch, intended for a reporter or blogger, only to find that their email address is nowhere to be found. This is really frustrating, but after desperate searching, you finally resort to sending your beautiful email creation to the black hole known as the “Contact Form,” […]

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