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6 Easy Ways to Rank Higher in Google Local Search

As a business owner, you are constantly concerned with your online presence, including how your website is ranking for keywords, how much traffic your site gets, and bounce rates, among other things. While these are all important, one important and often forgotten aspect of online business today is ranking well for Google local search. As […]

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What You Need to Know About Google My Business Posts

Google My Business Posts: What You Need To Know

Introduction A brand new section is now showing up in the Local Knowledge Panel in Google Search Results when searching for Local Businesses.  Even though this new section is just barely starting to show up it is already becoming an under-utilized gem that has the potential to help countless businesses to succeed.  What is this […]

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3 Easy Steps to Boost Your Local SEO

Local SEO has seen quite the buzz in the last couple of weeks as a recent Google update reduced the “map pack” from seven listings to a mere three. While this update could hurt companies who were listed in the number four to seven slots, it provides an important reminder to invest in your local […]

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Get Your Business Listed for Local Searches

If you operate a small, medium or large business you probably want to show up when someone searches for your local area and your type of business. For example: If you were a dentist in Provo, you will want to show up in the top search engine results page for the search term “Provo dentist”. […]

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Local Search Statistics

One of the largest groups still ignoring online marketing and SEO are smaller, local businesses and professional services. The irony in this is that they may stand to benefit more than half of the people that are marketing their websites online! More and more people are migrating away from the standard Yellow Pages and searching […]

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