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Have you heard all the buzz about social media and social news? Do you STILL think social media is only Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube? Did you know that a hyperbolic paraboloid looks like a Pringle or horse saddle?

Only two of the above-mentioned questions are applicable, but all three are important.

Social media is a new and upcoming type of internet marketing that is catching a lot of attention right now. There are a lot of people, maybe yourself included, that can only name two to three sites that they would consider social media. There is one site that is has caught a lot of attention and can be used to your advantage, but it does require a large time investment.

Digg is a social news site where users post links to articles, photos, or videos that they feel others would find funny, interesting, or useful. These submissions are seen by all of your “friends” and can be “dugg” (kind of like a thumbs up sign; sorry no thumbs down). When enough people have “dugg” or “digg” an article it becomes popular and is pushed to the front page of the website. Articles on the front page of this website tend to get anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand hits in a matter of hours.

Now getting several thousand hits on your site sounds tempting, but here is the catch. In order for you to have your article seen and actually get “dugg” you’re going to have to digg other people’s articles, and you’re going to have to digg them ALL THE TIME. People get lucky every now and then and will submit an article that randomly gets seen by a top 100 user on the site, but don’t bank or count on that ever happening. So, I guess it all comes down to you getting an account, finding some good (frequent users) friends, and digging their stuff all day. After you do this for a while, try submitting an article and sharing it with your friends and see how far you get.

Digg has a huge potential, but if you’re too busy to give it the attention and care it needs, you should probably look elsewhere for driving traffic to your site.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director