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Normally addictions are a bad thing, but when it comes to Facebook this is good news to a business owner. Having a presence on Facebook exposes your business to the millions of Facebook addicts – for FREE! Why wouldn’t you want to jump on it?!

Facebook is an amazing tool in the toolbox for your business, offering many different ways to drive traffic and sales to your business. Many business owners use it as a marketing tool, teaching tool, relationship building tool, networking tool, etc.

The question is where to start? Sounds daunting but it’s really not complicated. First you will need to start with the basics by creating a Facebook Page.

Creating a Facebook Page (for your business):

First it’s important to understand the difference between a Profile Page and a Facebook Page. A Profile Page is a page about yourself as an individual. A Facebook Page (a.k.a Fan Page) is specifically made to represent your business.

Having a Facebook page is important for search engine optimization (SEO).

When you create your Facebook Page you have to create a title which will become your URL. If you include keywords in your URL, you will increase your search engine ranking (meaning people are more likely to find your business).

When Choosing a Title:
1) Choose a title that represents your business (is relevant) and attracts attention (looks interesting & peaks peoples interests)
2) Include Keywords. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right keywords, so take the time to do some research to see what people are searching for.

More Tips For Your Facebook Page:

You can create many Facebook Pages which is great for those who have multiple business and websites.

  • List all your websites on each Facebook Page you own. (There is a section that will specifically let you list them). People will eventually see these and check them out, thus generating business to the other sites as well.
  • Add videos. People love to watch videos. An example of an effective sales tools would be to make a video demonstrating a product and then post it for all your fans to see.
  • Include Ads – There are different kinds of ads on facebook. The Pay Per Click kind that you pay for and the kind where you simply post an add on your wall. I’m referring to the kind you can stick on your wall. (You can see many examples of this when searching existing pages on Facebook)

Once your website is set up you are able to start directing people to your new Facebook URL. Be sure to include this URL in your emails you send out, include it on your main website (allowing people to follow you on Facebook) and announce the new URL/link in your regular profile page.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director