Like most good SEO’s, my techniques for obtaining links has drastically changed over the last 2 years. There’s no doubt that quality is the only option now and quality takes time and a lot of manual work.

While you can’t completely take the manual work out of it, BuzzStream has made it a lot easier and more efficient to find link opportunities, track your work and improve the success rate of manual link acquisition.

I had heard about BuzzStream for the last couple of years and met the founder, Paul May, at Mozcon 2012. I’ve been highly impressed with their level of service including a personal call from Paul. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a founder so dedicated to his product that they still handle a lot of customer interaction, even with a quickly growing user base.

There are a lot of great detailed reviews of BuzzStream out there so I won’t get into a ton of detail about features or how it works but after learning more about some of its powerful features, I ended up in a 4 hour rabbit hole reading and taking notes from amazing posts by Ontolo, Paddy Moogan and BuzzStream.

Once you’ve figured out how to navigate BuzzStream’s features, the following list of tips, tricks and tools will turn you into a link building pro:

Prospecting Search Articles

Tools to Use with BuzzStream

Common Prospecting Search Queries

After reading for hours, I compiled a list of some of my favorite queries that would come in handy for most users and clients. Many of these are available in the article listed above but there are a few additions and modifications.

I’d also recommend reading more about Market Defining Keywords before you get much further.

List Of/Resource Sites

[industry] “list of”

  • [industry] “links”
  • [industry] “resources”
  • [industry] “useful links”


Blogs/Industry Sites for Linkable Asset Promotion

  • [industry] blog
  • [industry] resources
  • [industry] articles
  • [industry] news
  • [industry] “trade publications”
  • [industry] “whitepapers”
  • [industry] “round up”

Donation/Charity Sites

  • [city/state] list of donors
  • [city/state] list of sponsors
  • [industry] “thank you” “donor”
  • [industry] “thank you” sponsor”
  • [industry] “in kind donor”


  • [industry} forums
  • [industry] FAQ’s
  • [industry] social network

Industry Thought Leaders

  • [name] interview
  • intitle: [name]


  • [competitor name] “guest article” “guest post”
  • [competitor name] “interview”
  • [competitor name] “review”

Local Links

  • [city/state] business directory
  • [city/state] list of businesses
  • [city/state] industry companies

Submission sites

  • [industry] event “submit”
  • [industry] job “submit”


  • [industry] “association for”
  • [industry] “of america”

Niche directories

  • [industry directory
  • [industry] websites
  • [industry] “submit site”

Social Media Queries

  • [industry] inurl:register
  • [industry] inurl:login
  • [industry] inurl:signin
  • [industry] inurl:signup
  • [industry] inurl:sign_in
  • [industry] inurl:sign_up
  • [industry] inurl:log_in
  • [industry] inurl:registration
  • [industry] inurl:join
  • [industry] news inurl:submit

Overall, I’m still finding my groove with Buzzstream but I see it becoming an essential tool for us when doing link building. Please share your thoughts or unique uses of Buzzstream with us.

Bryan Phelps