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Facebook Fake FriendsHave you ever gone to a Facebook page and noticed that a certain company has over a million fans? Usually this is a sign of a well-known company with amazing customer support. But what if those million people aren’t really fans, but simply purchased bids to have that company “appear” to be popular.

It appears that on a few outsourcing sites on the internet that you can hire someone to make your Facebook page popular. Bidding is fairly cheap enough for buying fake fans (about $100 – $200 for 15,000 fans and in some cases 100,000 fans) that almost anyone can afford to fake their own fame.

The auctions are even allowing companies to specify certain characteristics of each of these fake fans. This means your new boy band could have all the screaming tweens to make it big.

This brings a few questions to the table–how many businesses have faked their success? How many have bought millions of fans to “prove” that their customers love their product? And finally, how will this change your own buying patterns?

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director