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We’ve already looked at how businesses should be more social and personable on their social media sites.  So today we’re going to take a look at how to make your posts even more personable AND get more interaction!  Sound great?  Well let’s get started.

Written communications can sometimes be difficult to decipher. You can’t read a person’s tone, facial expressions or body language…  So there is a lot of room for misunderstanding.   We as humans have the tendency to form a negative bias or “always assuming the worst”.  Have you ever read something from a friend (even a really good friend) and deep down known it wasn’t meant negative but that’s how you see it?  There is such a big “misunderstanding” potential in the written language.  Also, when we read something 100% positive we see it as neutral, and if it’s neutral it is seen as negative.

So how exactly do emoticons fix this problem?  Positive emoticons affect language in 3 different ways.Emoticons

  1. Shows a positive attitude: Don’t you want your company as chipper and positive?  Just do it, throw in that smiley in your next post, see what happens.
  2. Used as jokes or irony markers: Sometimes while you write your posts you want to throw in a joke or a hint of sarcasm but may be concerned it will be misinterpreted.  Putting in that positive emoticon will alleviate that threat for misunderstanding.
  3. Used as hedges: Emoticons have the potential for increasing the power of a simple “thank you” or making a request not so demanding.  So next time you are responding to a customer/fan (whether thanking or giving directions for purchase) put in a smiley!

Is this enough reason for you to try emoticons into your social media posts or comments? No?! :O well that’s okay… I have some bomb statistics that will put on you on the “pro emoticons” side.  Using emoticons in your posts gives you 33% higher share rates, 33% higher comment rate, and 57% higher like rate!  So there you have it, emoticons are a great way to increase interactions on your FB pages. Now get out there and share your business’s emoticon side :D

photo credit: freddiefraggles via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director