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Burger King managed to get more than ten thousand Twitter followers in less than an hour. How did they do it? By getting their account hacked. I’ve thought of a lot of unique strategies before, but I have to admit this one has never crossed my mind.

Take a look at the image below to see just how far the hacker went with their account.

burkger king twitter account hacked

Burger King’s Twitter account (@burgerking) is still under the hacker’s control. The hacker seems to have quite a sense of humor and changed the profile picture to a McDonalds’ logo and has even changed the account name to McDonalds. You can see a few of the hacked posts below, which we snagged to make sure we could share the goodness before Burger King figures out what is going on.

hacked burger king tweet

Hacked Tweet

hacked burger king post

What can we glean from this Burger King holiday success story? If you want more followers, get hacked… or maybe the lesson to everyone is to use a better password.

UPDATE* Twitter has caught word of the hacked account and has taken it down (picture below).

UPDATE** It looks like the new Twitter followers have been removed from the account as well. So if you weren’t convinced before about getting hacked for more followers – hopefully you’ve realized that there are better strategies.

Twitter stops it

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director