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Beginning on Wednesday, June 26, Microsoft will hold their annual Build conference. Just over two weeks after Apple’s WWDC2013, this conference is already causing quite a stir in the tech community.

What to Expect

Office 365

Much of the tech community is expecting the Build keynote to feature demos and explanations about the upgrades to Windows 8.  In their announcement, they feature Windows 8 and indicate that they will also be touching on the Windows Phone, Internet Explorer, Office 365, and XBOX, just to name a few.

Each year Build also hosts a Hackathon. Developers in attendance at the conference compete by building apps for Microsoft devices and software.  App development happens only during the 3 days of the conference and prizes are awarded at the conclusion of the convention.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Since the launch of Windows 8 in October of 2012, reviews of this new edition have been less than glowing. In spite of this, they have sold over 100 million copies to date. Rumors and speculation suggest that upgrades and improvements will be announced in the form of Windows 8.1, also being called Windows Blue.


With Windows 8 and the introduction of a cross-platform Microsoft OS, the company seems to be moving in toward a synergistic model for all their products. Windows 8, along with the Surface Tablet, Windows Azure, and the Windows Phone, Microsoft is continuing to make competitive advances in an ever evolving market.

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