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Marketing through FacebookMost people on the internet these days are all in the same boat, understanding that Social Media websites are important but not entirely sure how to effectively harness their power. Well, I have found two cool Facebook tools that you can integrate onto your website to help harness this power; in the hopes of boosting your marketing efforts with Facebook.

Facebook Comments – We all rely on user comments to keep our own site’s culture alive and well. However, there are inherent issues with the commenting system as we have it (anonymous comments, spammers, inflammatory individuals). Facebook has a new prospect with no downsides. What you do is install a Facebook comment box into your post and Facebook users can comment using their Facebook profile. The benefit to you is that when a person comments on your post it appears on their news feed as well as all of their friend’s feeds. Which in turn gives your article a much larger reach then it previously had – as an aside, whenever one of their friends comments on their comment it automatically adds their reply to your site.

Using Facebook InsightsFacebook Insights – Most of you all are, i’m sure, familiar with Google Analytics which is an amazing tool for tracking your websites traffic, for FREE! Well you may not be aware of a little thing that Facebook has going called Facebook Insights. The benefit of using Insights is it’s inherent integration with the Facebook platform. It serves all of the same basic functions as Analytics but Insights will also tell you who’s linking your site to their profile and will help you better understand your fans so you can better target your messages.

Although neither of these two tactics will necessarily will be the end all be all of marketing techniques, they are simple, solid items to use on your site to better use this ‘new fangled social media thing all the kids are talking about.’ Essentially you will be boosting your marketing efforts with Facebook. I suppose though, if all else fails you can just look into a Social Media Marketing Company.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director