As more and more of my friends have started using social media and blogging, I realized that this trend has made people more open than they once were. Gone are the days of writing in your journal and having a lock on it.  No more crying to your parents when a sibling read your journal, or panic attacks when you can’t find your journal where you keep your private thoughts.

Now we are putting our personal lives and information on the internet for others to read and comment on.  There are a lot of free blogging sites out there that people use including Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, and more.  Bloggers try to get people to their site and read about their lives as opposed to trying to keep secrets about their life.  The more people that comment on your post the happier the person that wrote the post is.

Blogs or JournalsIf you get enough traffic to your website you can get money by placing advertisements on your blogs.  No longer do companies only pay for Google ads, but advertisements on a variety of different websites.

I recently read a blog of a friend where they stated that they broke up with the person they were dating.  They analyzed the relationship and came up with good insights that were personal to them.  It seemed like something that was especially for them and didn’t need to be shared with others over the internet.

While I understand that there are a lot of blogs that are not treated as journals there are many that are.  Personally, I miss the days when you wrote in a journal and kept some of your thoughts private.

However you choose to do it I do encourage you to keep track of your life and the events that transpire.  Memories are important to remember and as time passes you will forget details or entire events.  It is a good thing to remember what you have done and learn from it as you move forward.

Scott Sundblom