What’s the purpose of blogging anyway?

Is it to create an emotional connection with your audience?

Yes, it can be. Your readers are going to love the stories you tell, and they’ll be more likely to connect with your brand and keep coming back for more.

And you’ve got to keep feeding them more of that awesome content that they want. It’s what we content marketers are so adept at doing; keeping the wells overflowing with relate-able, intriguing, share-able content.

Answer Your Reader's Questions

Your readers have questions. Give them answers.

But is this kind of emotional content really what your audience is searching for?

What are your readers searching for?

Let’s look inside the head of the average Google searcher. Yes, in fact these are actual people we are talking about, not just “keywords” or “users.” These people have a pulse, and we ought to treat them as such.

So your audience is on Google, searching for something; what are they searching for?

More often then not, they’re looking for a solution to some problem. They aren’t just killing time looking for amusing anecdotes. They want real, applicable solutions for actual problems in their lives.

Your narrative rich content isn’t always going to solve those problems for them.

What you need is some evergreen content.

medium_6851848569Evergreen content answers questions

Why do we keep using Google? Because it’s a great learning tool. It’s a place to find answers to questions, like “how to change my car’s oil?” or “what is Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity?”

You already have the answer to your target audience’s questions. That is where your piece of evergreen content comes in, and it’s up to you to frame it in a way that answers your readers’ questions.

Evergreen content is good SEO

So now we know that evergreen content is supposed to provide solutions to your readers’ problems.

Guess what: that’s what good SEO is all about!

When you craft customized content in a way that addresses specific questions that your target audience are asking, then you are one step ahead of the game. You’re optimizing your site to be the best, end-all authority in your neck of the woods.

And the best thing about evergreen content? You only have to write it once, but it still keeps working for you! People still keep searching for the same answers, and your content will still be there for them to find. Of course, you may need to update it or re-purpose it once in a blue moon.

Types of evergreen content

It’s called evergreen content because it provides the same benefit to your readers no matter what time of year or century they search for it. Here are some of the best types of evergreen content which you can easily incorporate into your blog:

  • The “How To” Blog: those tutorials and guides we all love to find, because they teach us something new
  • The “List” Blog: any kind of list is irresistible to your readers
  • The “Helpful Tips” Blog: helping your readers out for all kinds of timeless questions
  • The “Curated” List: pulls together your most helpful content into a single post

Really, the only determining factor of an “evergreen” blog post is that its usefulness lasts beyond the date you post it. When you sit down to write a piece of evergreen content, think to yourself first, “will my reader find this useful one year, two years from now?”

Don’t give up on those newsworthy blog posts. And never stop trying to create an emotional connection with your audience. After all, evergreen content is just one more tool to add to your internet marketing toolbox.

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Adam Fifield