Google and Firefox have worked together for years to create better search and browser integration and they will continue to do so. But the release of Firefox 4 brings with it an intriguing new development. Bing is now a default search option for Firefox.

bing default search for firefox

This obviously brings up some interesting questions for the future of search. Will this option help Bing move up the ranks in search engine market share? As of now Bing accounts for 9% of all searches made online if you count Yahoo’s engine as being part of Bing. Google accounts for almost all of the remaining search volume. So will Bing’s move for integration with Firefox effect these numbers?

People obviously have strong opinions about which search engine they use. Just as a proof Google accounts for over half of all searches in Internet Explorer, a browser that comes with Bing set as the default search engine. However there is something to be noted with the fact that Google only accounts for just over half of all searches on Internet Explorer.

In Google Chrome nearly 90% of all searches are made in Google. That number is actually surprisingly low to me considering how Google search is integrated in almost ever feature of that browser and its almost difficult to search in anything else. However, in Internet Explorer that number is significantly less, around 55%, with much of that search volume shifted towards Bing. Firefox seems to be a happy medium with Google getting around 73% of the search volume from that browser.

So do a lot of people tend to stick with the default search option? I would say yes. Firefox used to be more biased towards Google, but with a more seemingly neutral stance with their latest browser, which is now the most popular browser in the world, will we see more of a shift in search volume towards Bing? Will this have an impact on the world of Internet Marketing SEO. What do you think?