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We’re excited to announce our involvement in the upcoming conference for small and medium-sized businesses in the electronic security industry. Big Leap is excited to increase our involvement with this important business vertical and to participate with Advisory Summit Providers for this conference held at the one-of-a-kind Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. We look forward to visiting Colorado in October and seeing some of our new and current clients at this exceptional event.


Leadgenix to Sponsor ESTS2014 Broadmoor
Utah-based Big Leap set to sponsor the elite Electronic Security Summit this fall

Rochester, New York (July 23rd 2014) – ESTS2014’s newly inducted sponsor is Big Leap. As an internet marketing firm, it will take those important acronyms: SEO, PPC, HTML, and ROI and get you to where you need to be. Through quality search engine optimization, social media optimization and web design and development, Big Leap offers the assistance you need to be seen and heard.

Located in Provo, Utah the Big Leap organization considers Search Engine Optimization as its front runner service. At the core of any online strategy, you need to know where your company can be found. Their SEO team tamed Pandas and Penguins, discouraged farming and encouraged tweeting for all. The account managers become your educator and employee as they work to optimize your account from the top to the bottom. To compliment this service, they work to be a one-stop shop offering copywriting, paid search and local search teams.

Leadgenix also recognizes the value of social media. Building up your online reputation is not a passive process. They put you in front of your target market and help you to build lasting relationships. Social media properties are leveraged to become places of interaction and growth. With 460,000 new twitter accounts each day, YouTube’s 800 million user visits every month and Facebook’s one billion every month, social media is the fastest growing marketing medium of our time. Big Leap will help to build you in this area and also provide the proper techniques for reputation management.

Host company Advisory Summit Providers CEO Alex Quirin “It is exciting to be welcoming Big Leap to our Summit this fall. I know I speak for everyone in my firm by saying we are honored by their participation, and look forward to working with them this October.”

With an amazing team and toolbox to match, Big Leap will be well received by all security industry executives this fall.

About Advisory Summit Providers
Advisory Summit Providers is a recognized leader in summit administration for senior level executives focused on security. Whether it’s collaborating with peers or interacting with new solution partners, ASP stands the pinnacle event operator in the space. Advisory Summit Providers seeks to build long term partnerships with their clients through teamwork, enhanced business intelligence, exceptional hospitality, and most importantly compatibility.They aim to individualize the summit experience delivering a superior experience that extends true value.

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