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I had a visit this morning from Fox 13 News. Big Leap was asked to give their opinion on cyber bullying and how it can be prevented. We will post later on exactly how to avoid cyber bullying and what we recommend for both parents and children wanting help.

Make sure to tune into Fox News 13 at 5pm and 9pm to see our very own Benjamin Ard(me). Here’s a picture below for a behind the scenes feel. UPDATE**: The story is apparently bigger than originally anticipated and will be shown next week on Wednesday.

Big Leap on Fox 13
Benjamin Ard, Big Leap Director of Social Media, is interviewed on Fox 13

Also, extra points to anyone who can name for me the man in the picture on my wall.

Let us know if you watched in the comments below!

For another great article about social media, check out this one on Viral Videos.

UPDATE(2/19/2013 12.50 PM MST)** This clip is going live at the end of the month and we’re going to have a clip as soon as it is published.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director