Google can be your gateway to finding unlimited new customers.Online paid search advertising is a good compliment to any marketing plan. Just ask Google, they know everything!

Also Google just so happens to run the biggest paid search advertising platform around, called AdWords. Coming in second place is the Microsoft and Yahoo joint venture Bing! Ads.

No matter which platform you decide to use (or both) a campaign that is properly set up and optimized can be a huge asset. As with any industry there are some basic principles that can and should be applied to get the most out of your investment.

So whether you’re a seasoned SEO pro or just barely getting your feet wet, here are some simple tips that should be evident in most successful campaigns.

Negative Keyword Lists

Some campaigns can be so fixated on what keywords they should be showing up for that they forget to check on the words they should be avoiding. That’s where negative keywords come in handy.

A strong negative keyword list will keep you out of the searches that really aren’t relevant to your marketing goals. For instance most professional services don’t want search traffic related to people looking for an average salary figure or how to get a job in that field. Simply adding the negative words “job” and “salary” can wipe that off your board.

Pausing Unproductive Keywords

Doing killer keyword research before starting a campaign is vitally important, but it’s only the starting point. The actual data collected by the campaign should dictate the direction you take going forward.

After enough data has been gathered on your keywords, you should look them over and see if anything is missing the mark. Do any keywords have high impressions but no clicks? Do any have high clicks but no conversions? It might be time to cut those words out of your campaign.

Ad Copy A/B Testing

Testing Ad Copy will help optimize your campaign.Every ad group you ever create should have at least 2 ads to test against each other. This is where you can gain and use insights on what the salient characteristics of your business are.

You can test out different headlines, different calls to action, or even things as small as changes to capitalization or punctuation. Even little things like that can have an impact on your overall click through rate.

Obviously these are very basic things to keep in mind but they should never be overlooked. The road to complete campaign optimization must begin with a single step.

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Scott Sundblom