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Ryan Skidmore
Digital Marketing Senior Manager at Big Leap
Ryan is a Digital Marketing Director at Big Leap. He is a master of quizzes and all things SEO.

How to Create A Quiz and Promote it

I am sure most of you have gotten to the point where you don’t know what else to do to get more leads or more traffic to your website. One of the greatest ways is creating a quiz.

Many of you might be wondering, how is creating a quiz going to help me? Or why should […]

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Where to start? All About Content Marketing

Content is KING! Content is KING!

I guess I’ll begin there, because that is one of the most used phrases in the digital world.

In 2012, Google announced Panda, an algorithm update that targets low or thin content pages. The update decreased rankings for sites with little to no content and increased rankings for sites that […]

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Get Reviews For Your Brand

Online reviews provide key insight into customer satisfaction and areas where your company is thriving, as well as areas that could use a bit more attention. The information gathered from consumer reviews is invaluable to many aspects of your business, from the marketing and sales teams, down to the employee implementing day-to-day tasks. We’ll discuss […]

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How & When to Properly Do a 404 Redirect

Have you ever gone to a website looking for a product or service only to receive an error message, halting your search? This error message is an HTTP status code. HTTP status codes are three-digit codes, which range from 100-500s, each with a specific purpose.

Not all status codes result in site errors, and HTTP status […]

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Pushing Okay-Ranking Content Over the Edge

We all have that problem as SEOs where we have been working for months trying to get first page rankings for certain keywords. Back in the “black-hat” days, we would just order thousands of links with a certain anchor-text, and boom! A first-class ticket to the first page of the SERPs.

Now…welcome to 2017 where […]

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Using Kickstarter to Validate Your Product Idea

Kickstarter.com has grown immensely over the past 5 years.

Inventors, creatives, musicians, producers, or anyone with an idea can launch a product using crowdfunding. There’s a never ending idea-stream that has come from crowdfunding. Whether it’s a fashion product or a game called Exploding Kittens, anything, and I mean, anything, can be crowdfunded.

Should I Use Kickstarter?
Getting […]

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26 Expert SEO Strategy Tips for Small Businesses

Like it or not, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become part of business. With the majority of customers carrying an internet-ready device in their pockets, it’s easier to do a Google search for a business than it ever was to look one up in a phone book. That’s why it’s more important than ever to […]

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SEO Roadmaps: Learn the What, How & Why, & Download our FREE Template

SEO roadmaps are a great tool to track on a monthly basis what is currently being worked on and what will be worked on in the near future. It gives you something tangible to show key stakeholders in your organization, so you can say “this is what we’ve done, this is what we’re doing, and […]

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Content Ideation: How to Come Up With Great Content Ideas Backed By Real Data

The difference between creating good content and great content is that little extra “oomph.” OK, that’s not how the saying goes, but you know what I mean. Viral blogs and videos don’t just happen by sitting down and writing what you think will work. There’s a lot of research that goes into each piece. Below […]

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How Conversion Rate Optimization and User Experience Intersect

Most digital marketers in the past would only worry about links being built and their rankings. Now this is still important, but Google has said that user experience is becoming a greater part of Google’s algorithm. If a user gets to a site and it’s hard to navigate, or they don’t find what they need […]

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