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Last week brought us the much anticipated release of iOS 7 on Wednesday, and the iPhones 5s and 5c on Friday, September 20.  All of these products are breaking records as Apple continues to set industry standards for sales and marketing. But what are consumers saying about these long awaited products, previewed at #WWDC2013?

iOS 7

Apple’s iOS got a complete visual overhaul with the release of iOS7.  Icons are brighter and simpler while updated user interfaces on many of the apps favor the color white.  The brand new control center brings frequently used tools to one easily accessed place, and the airdrop feature makes sharing files even easier. The simplified look has caused some backlash with features like the calendar, which now requires more scrolling where, with iOS 6 you could see more of your daily schedule on the screen at a glance.

Only 5 short days after the release of this software upgrade, Apple reported this morning that iOS 7 is now running on more than 200 million iOS devices including compatible iPad, iPod, and iPhone models.  On Wednesday, colleges across the country reported major issues with their wifi networks crashing, likely due to mass downloads of the new operating system by iPhone users on their campus.

iPhone 5s


The new update to the iPhone 5 includes exciting new features like the fingerprint identity sensor, an improved camera, and a state of the art A7 chip with 64-bit architecture.  The phone is available not only in the traditional white and black, but apple has released a new champagne gold casing.  The 5s with the 5c broke records over the initial sales weekend selling over 9 million devices throughout participating countries, with the gold iPhone 5s being the first to go in every market.

iOS 7 was specifically designed and optimized for the new A7 chip and while most of the apps currently available do not utilize the technology, it will no doubt spur a host of new apps and app updates that will allow users to take full advantage of the upgrade. With these upgrades, the iPhone 5s is still Apple’s standard ‘brand new but still the same’ update to last year’s model.

iPhone 5c


The iPhone 5c is the highly anticipated and much speculated about ‘cheap’ iPhone. The materials and machining used for the case are less precise than that for the iPhone 5 and 5s.  The phone includes the A6 chip from the iPhone 5, not the new A7. This phone is not necessarily meant to compete with the sleek, precise design of previous models. It is a new phone that may just introduce an entirely new generation of smart phone users to the Apple industry.

The guts and function of this phone aren’t much different than the 5, and with the iOS 7 upgrade, it promises to hold it’s own against it’s bigger, flashier brothers in the Apple family of phones. Available in 5 brilliant colors, this phone has allowed Apple to introduce a brand new $99 phone instead of just relegating last year’s model to the discount bin.

Apple fanatics and curious new users alike will find something to enjoy with either new phone model, and iOS 7 promises to launch yet another round of innovating app and web design products that will take advantage of the new technology introduced with the A7 chip.

What have your experiences been with the new Apple products? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jamie Bates
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