All I want for Christmas is Optimized Content

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What is on your Christmas list this year? A new computer, sexy nerd glasses,  48” computer screen, a higher ranking in SEO? Well all I want for Christmas this year is optimized content.

One of the most important SEO tips is to have relevant content on your website or blog. This coupled with other SEO tips will make a huge increase in your rankings.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your content focused and right on cue this holiday season and on through the New Year:

Strategically place keywords

This means that you need to have your keywords spread throughout your writing- but, don’t stuff them in when they don’t fit. If you have too many keywords throughout the page then your website will look appear spamy.

Give ’em what they want

If you want people to want your content- you have to give them what they want. Choose your keywords based on what will be typed into search engines.

Write unique content

Stay on Topic

Make different pages for unrelated information. This will make it easy for the spiders to code your website. Not to mention, make it easier for your human readers to follow.

Check Spelling

With word check- it’s easy!

Use images

Using images gives you an opportunity to get more traffic and makes your site and content more interesting.

Merry Christmas! We hope that all your Christmas SEO dreams come true!

Phil Sanders