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About a year ago, one of the most popular Social Media services called Twitter started an age limit on following alcohol based Twitter accounts. This is definitely one thing that parents who didn’t want their kids following such things had wanted for some time. Recently, that system was given an upgrade.

How this Could affect Business

Alcohol based accounts are not required to require an age screening, but anybody who knows a thing or two about digital marketing knows that they need to have some kind of plan or a goal for their business while using Twitter, there’s always a target for your brand or business, and targeting those that apply to your product is a great strategy to find potential customers. Considering the fact that alcohol can only be bought by people who are 21 or older, the target for these companies would not include people who cannot follow them on twitter, but that’s only if they take advantage of this age limitation by Twitter.

Initial Reactions, and Thoughts by Twitter

Now, many people think that this move by Twitter is actually somewhat of a waste of time, considering that children can’t even buy the alcohol in the first place and that they would only be looking at it on the internet, however there are others who believe that this is a great move by Twitter. By blocking children from following these companies on Twitter they would essentially be protecting these under-aged users from started a terrible addiction. The post by Twitter’s Tarun Jain that talks about the limitation update includes the following statement, “Our hope is that this approach to age-screening will enable alcohol brands to responsibly and safely connect with the right audience on Twitter.” So there you have it, essentially Twitter is actually furthering the help they’ve been giving businesses with their marketing strategies. What other changes could we see within Twitter to capture better the attention of the right target audience? Is this system and update really worth it, or is it just fixing something that isn’t broken?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director