Advantages of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

A Pay-Per-Click or PPC campaign is a paid form of advertising on the internet. The process behind the campaign begins with businesses bidding for the highest placement on a web page under certain search terms. When an advertisement link is placed on a page, the company will pay the owner of the web page according to number of times that someone clicks on their advertisement.

An advantage of a Pay-Per-Click campaign is that the web page does not have to be reformatted to accommodate the advertisements as far as in look or content. To start up a campaign is very simple and only takes a few minutes. It does not require an expert to begin one.

A  Pay-Per-Click is also advantageous from the company’s point of view. While it does cost some money, a Pay-Per-Click campaign takes a significantly shorter amount of time to appear on the first search page with the right keyword than Search Engine Optimization. The company is completely in charge of their campaign, and can adjust how much they will to pay according to budget and traffic goals. This provides the ability for companies to play around with key words and find which words will work the best for them.

All around a Pay-Per-Click Campaign can be very advantageous to all who are involved.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director

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