SEOAfter about 14 years in the search engine market is finally throwing in the towel. The company previously known as “Ask Jeeves” until February 27, 2006 was considered one of the search engine giants soon after its inception in 1996, but couldn’t keep up in the search engine market. Their advertising campaign efforts failed and just hasn’t been able to make it work.

Yesterday announced that it will be laying off the vast majority of its engineers and concede its small piece of the search market to Google and Microsoft.

So lets take a few moments to watch some ads as a tribute and a farewell to in the search engine market.

(I’m sorry if you don’t think these are very funny, which is probably why their campaign failed, but they were the best I could find.)

This has a small affect on the Search engine market, but let’s be honest, the only real contenders are Google and Bing.

Farewell and good luck in whatever new ventures come your way!!

Adam Jackson