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Social media is not just playing around with Facebook and Twitter, nor did it start there. Social media has been around for quite some time, but it hasn’t always looked the same. Here is a short history of social media and just how far it has come:

Telephone symbolThe Telephone (1876)
– The telephone allowed people from across the world to spread news almost instantaneously.

Usernets (1979)
– Usernets allowed users to post articles or commentaries on news that could then be read by anyone visiting that net.

BBSs (1979)
– BBSs or Bulletin Board systems, allowed users (one at a time) to log on and interact with one another. These sites however, were often used for illegal purposes.

Corporate or commercial BBSs (1979)
– BBS systems that were not as illegal and better served the purpose of user interactions.

Instant Messaging (1988)
– This trend is probably one that you not only have heard of, but have also probably used. This trend swept the nation when people found out that they could talk to friends and family online almost instantly.

Facebook IconOnline Dating Sites ()
– Users now had an exciting way to meet new people from across the globe and see if they had a potential “match”.

Online Forums (1980’s)
– The ability to pose a question and have it answered by potentially millions of people was quite an appealing trend in the 80’s.

– Massively multiplayer online role playing games. These games allowed users to play a game together in a social setting, often forcing them to make friends with other around the world to accomplish certain goals.

LinkedIN, Myspace, Facebook ()
– Then we finally came to the social media that you are familiar with. Users create complex networks and interact with others for the sole point of interacting with others.

Twitter IconTwitter ()
– Twitter has become a trend in our current social media society. Twitter has created the entire genre of micro blogging, which has caught onto millions of people across the globe.

-Foursquare takes new technology and combines that with other existing ideas. Foursquare uses gps enabled phones to let you check in at locations where you physically are at.

Who knows where the future of social media will be, but I’m sure it will be an exciting journey, just like the history of social media.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director