Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a means of improving the ranking of your Getting Your Business to Rank Higher on Googlebusiness in the Google search algorithm. This in turn can help a business rank higher in Google’s search listing, which will lead to more views on your business’ website and more customers. According to Sonam Lama, CEO of Achieve Invisibility, there are a few quick fixes that small businesses can do to help improve their Google rankings. The great thing is that they are free and simple.

Use WordPress

“WordPress is the most SEO-friendly blogging platform,” Lama said.  “It is also one of, if not the best, content management systems when it comes to SEO. Optimizing your site using WordPress, instead of the outdated website platforms which most local businesses use will help your optimization efforts.”

Keyword Research

Lama said that keyword research is the foundation of SEO and increasing your ranking on Google. Looking for at least three relevant keywords to target for your company is good for Search Engine Optimization. For instance, if you own a flower shop in Springfield, “flower shop in Springfield” would be a good choice.

Onsite Optimization

Once you have chosen a few highly searched keywords, make sure to add them onto your site and spread them around in various places. “You don’t want to stuff them everywhere, though, since this will be considered ‘spamming’ by Google.”

Google Places

After you have your website properly and effectively optimized for Google and other search engines, you want to claim your Google Places business listing. “You do this,” Lama said, “by adding basic information about your business and being as detailed as possible in each section. For example, give your complete phone number, address, business description, keywords, hours of operation, etc.  You can further improve rankings by adding photos and asking for reviews of your business.”

Back linking

Finally, once you’ve optimized your Google places listing, you should be ranking within a few days to a week. “Those rankings occur within the local listings (the top portion of Google where you see the red tabs: A, B, C, D, etc.).”

Lama’s top methods of back linking for local business keywords range from social bookmarking to profile submissions on high page rank sites among several others. He said, “Each of these methods will allow you to create a valuable link back to your site, which will increase its value and relevancy in the eyes Google.”

Austin Lund