A drummers take on going back to the basics

Let’s take a step back from SEO for a second. I’ve been drumming for a lot of my life. When I first began drumming, I could only use real basic beats such as basic rhythms that can be found in older AC/DC albums or White stripes albums. At the time this was sufficient but as I got better, I didn’t want to play the simpler stuff. I moved on. At that time, I felt that if I could use some of the faster and cooler drum fills, that I should. Have I ever been more wrong? Just because you can play John Bonham’s Moby Dick, doesn’t mean you should.

A step forward, not backward

Just because we have all of these new technologies for SEO, doesn’t mean that we should only use them. A good drummer should know when to use the basics and when to take it up a notch. There are many good tools that are simple and basic, and shouldn’t be overlooked. A good link building strategy should have a wide variety of link building activities, and this absolutely includes the basic strategies that you may have once used.

Our old friend, Google

Searching for places to put links in Google is still a very viable source for finding links. Using search modifiers, to quickly and efficiently search Google for brand mentions, brand  misspellings, and different places to place guest posts is simple to do, but a great way to get started! Your searches might look like this.

Drum set to represent SEO allegory

  • “guest blog” OR “writers wanted” site:.com -review drum set — Returns searches for drum set guest blogs under .com websites without reviews. You could then ask the webmaster if you could post relevant content to the website.
  • -site:pearldrum.com “pearl drum set” OR “pearl drum kit” — Returns searches for pearl drum sets or drum kits that aren’t under pearldrum.com. You could then take the mentions and look at the page source to see if there is a link back to the site. If there isn’t, then ask the webmaster if they would mind linking to your site!

Google has a lot of the tools that are needed for good SEO work. Don’t forget to utilize them and be creative! Remember to use ALL of your tools for good link building, including the basics.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director

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