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I think it is fair to say that everyone wants to be successful at whatever they do on social media. But the real question is how do we measure that success? Is it by number of likes or followers on our page? Is it by amount of engagement? Is it by increased traffic to our website? All of these, and more, can be indications of a successful social media campaign. So how do we get there? I will endeavor to show how you can create a Facebook page that is ready for such success.

Cover PhotoFacebook Cover Photo 1

The first thing your audience will see when they come to your page is your cover photo. Make sure that you have a strong cover photo that relates to what your product or service is. Remember that a first impression is always the most important one. So make an impression with your cover photo that will make your customer want to stay around to see what else is happening on your page.

Profile PictureBig Leap Profile Picture

The next thing your audience will notice is your profile picture. Make sure that this picture is unique and shows off what your company is. In most cases, this photo will be your company logo. Make it easy for your audience to find you. By offering them a familiar photo (if they are familiar with your company) it makes it easier for them to get on and start interacting with your page.

Facebook Page Apps

Do you know what the Facebook page apps are? They are the apps that are located to the right of

Facebook Page Apps

your brief description underneath your profile picture. It is important here to create apps that your audience will enjoy or be intrigued to look at. If you can, and you have enough apps, get rid of the Like app that shows how many likes you have. Your audience can already see this number located under the name of your page. By “get rid of” I mean create four main apps that are visible when you first look at the page. To the right of the four main apps you will see a drop down arrow. When you click that down, you will see the Like count app there.

Create posts with Calls-to-ActionPost with Call to Action

Always have a call to action. When you are posting on your page, what is it that you want your audience to do? Make it apparent that you want them to click on the link, or comment on a certain topic. Giving them a strong call to action will increase the likelihood of them interacting with your page.

Reply Promptly

If you want to show your audience that you are there to help them, always reply to comments. Whether it is a complaint or a compliment, make sure you reply to your audience so they can see that there is a real person behind the page and that you are concerned about their wants and needs.

The most important thing to remember is to stay active. If you want a successful Facebook page, the best thing you can do is stay active and engaged. Show your audience that you are working for their interest, and you will be much more likely to receive it.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director