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So if you are familiar with the SEO industry and how it all works then I’m sure you are familiar with Blog commenting, directories, link building , and all the other SEO practices that make up 70 percent of your rankings on google (pretty important). But if you are only scoring 70 percent on your ranking then you are on the 10th page on google (bad place to be) Lets be honest for those that went to school getting a 70 on a test never makes you happy. So lets quickly talk about the things you need to be concerned about on your actual site.
1.  The Title Tag– When google comes to your site and your title tag is the same as the URL or something not relevant this will hurt your rankings because google thinks your site is something else. Try to think like a robot… exactly they don’t think they just scan, so when its not relevant it wont help.

2. The Body Text– First of all be carefull. Nothing is worse than going to a site with Bold and underlined words all over the place. This makes the actuall site look ugly. With that being said you need to emphasize certian words that your site is about. One good practice is doing this at the beginning of a paragraph… not in the middle of the sentence!!

3. The Beginning– When you start a paragraph or sentence try to have it be relative to what your site is about to help you rank. Googles robot will take note and realize that your site is about these certain words.

4. The URL– There are a lot of things to talk about just with the url. Make it short and sweet. Have it describe your site. Anyone should be able to look at your site and identify what it is about before going there. If its about baseball dont have soccer in the url.

5. The Meta Keywords, Description and Robots tag– Google used description copy to market your site in its results, treat this as optimized sales copy. Make sure your site map.xml page is constantly called up to the search engines

6. H1 and H2– Not talking about hummers. These are the titles of your content and the H1 and H2 are the most helpful in helping you rank. after H2 they all have the same value. With this in mind make sure you dont waste another good opportunity to help your ranking with good keyword located within your H1 and H2 tags.

7. Alt Tags– When google comes to your site and notices your image title is img091 what does this tell the robot? Absolutely nothing!!!!! Remember to think like a robot… he can’t see anything. For those that know html you know what the robot can see. Make the tag about the image be about the image for instance if its a baseball picture, and your site is about baseball, the alt tag should include baseball in it.

8. Keyword Density– Back in the day when SEO was easy all you had to do is keep the lettering the same as your background and fill it with whatever words you wanted to rank on. DON’T DO THIS IF YOU LIKE YOUR SITE! This will get you google slapped so hard its not even funny. You might as well just throw your site away if this is your strategy. But if you are writting about something completely different then what you want to rank on then this is almost as hurtfull. Keep your keyword content to around 10% and this will help the google robots focused on what your site is about.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director