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Spring is in the air, and it is a great time to do some sprucing up. Sure, you might unclutter a closet or two, but make sure your cleaning efforts are going toward the things that really matter. In this case, we would like to discuss some more virtual cleaning. Below are eight tips for you to do some quick spring cleaning for your online marketing efforts.

Create Your Basic Social Accounts

This may sound pretty basic, but if your business doesn’t have a social presence online… well, it should! Don’t worry about being perfect on your accounts and posting every minute – just make them. We recommend you start out with a Facebook page, Twitter account, and a Google Plus page. If you’re really getting into the spring cleaning mood, go ahead and make a LinkedIn page. Each account is pretty simple to set up and can be done on a basic level in minutes. After you’ve created those pages, explore, have fun, and connect! You’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Spruce Up the Imagery on Your Social Accounts

5 napkin burger

If you’re using that same logo that you so masterfully created in Microsoft Paint, maybe it’s time for a refresh. Social networks have shifted to include massive amounts of multimedia content on their pages. You should probably spruce up that cover photo on your Facebook page. Think about changing up your Twitter background, and even creating a custom cover photo for all of your followers to see. Take a few minutes to make sure your photos are up-to-date so you look as professional as we know you are. The above example is the Google+ profile of 5 Napkin Burger in New York. If you have good imagery, why not showcase it?

Claim Your Business Location

Google Maps LocationIf your business has a location on Google Maps, CLAIM IT. Oftentimes Google finds a business that seems legitimate, so it will create a listing for the business on its own (to provide a better user experience for the people who will search for that business). However, these listings are often incorrect, and are more often very un-aesthetically pleasing. So, if your business location falls into one of these categories, claim your listing and clean it up!

On the other hand, if your business does not have a location already created, this is your chance to create it from scratch, as well as to do it accurately. In case you’re wondering, here is a great article on why local search is so important.

Post Regularly on Your Blog

This is a sure-fire way to not only get the search engines to come to your site, but to keep them coming back often. The blog portion of your site acts as the portion of your site that is the most updated, as well as the most relevant. People might not come to your page via the static content on your site, but if you are writing about the latest news and trending topics, that traffic is sure to come. Ping the search engines often and get crawled and re-crawled—whether this is on a bi-monthly, weekly, or (even better) a daily basis. If you struggle with writing, read more about creating your own blog.

Add Authorship to Your Blog

Google Authorship Markup rel=authorWhile everyone says that “content is king,” imagine how much better it would be to show that you were in fact the author of that content. Adding a Rel=author markup to your profile is a simple way to attribute site content to your Google+ profile. This makes it easy for everyone to see that you wrote a piece of content. It also improves your CTR for that result because it stands out in the SERP’s.

Add Your Social Icons to Your Website

Website social icons“I’m sharing great content, but nobody seems to care” – we hear this all the time.  One simple, yet surprisingly effective tip for increasing social engagement is to add the links to your social accounts on your website. People might be visiting your site and feel that your product/service is something that they’d like to stay up on, but once they leave how are you going to stay connected? A few social links may be the solution they are looking for. We’re not recommending that you plaster these links on every page—our advice is that you simply add those icons to your site if you don’t already have them. A quick Google search or referencing the Icon Finder website will give you plenty of properly-sized social icons to help you out.

Start Following Your Clients on Twitter

Do you have clients or customers who are on Twitter? Have you ever asked? The best way to grow your Twitter account is to connect with people that you already know.  You’d be surprised at just how many of your customers or clients have accounts—and how thrilled they would be if you followed them. If you really want to get them excited, retweet their posts every now and then. This spring, go ahead and start following the people that keep you in business, and they’ll most likely do even more business with you in the future. If you need help understanding Twitter lingo, watch Ben’s How to Use Twitter Hashtags video.

Use Your Free $100 of Google Advertising

If someone handed you a $100 bill, you would spend it. In essence, Google Google AdWords Couponhas given out those $100 coupons on many occasions. If you are a small business owner and you have used Google Places (now Google+ Local) at some point, chances are you have also been mailed a coupon code for $100 free when you spend $25. This is actually a great deal! Not only do you have money handed to you, but also this is a great opportunity for you to do some real testing in AdWords or AdWords Express to see if this is an investment worth making long-term. Enter in that coupon code today and start getting some qualified traffic.

Online Spring Cleaning

With these eight tips under your belt, you are ready to get to work. The truth is, each of these efforts will take a maximum of 15 minutes. Implement all eight in this list, and you’re looking at a mere two hours to spruce up your online presence significantly. Why put off ’til tomorrow what can be cleaned today? If you have questions about any of these recommendations, contact Leadgenix today.

Special thanks to Ben Ard for co-authoring this post.

photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director