Whether on Buzzfeed or Facebook, we’ve all seen quizzes popping up like wildfire. Finding out “Which Disney Princess Are You?,” or “Which Harry Potter House Do You Belong In?” is something everyone needs to know. In 2013, the most viewed article on the New York Times was a quiz called “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk”. It went live on Dec. 21st, and in just 10 days it became their most-read article of the year. So how can you become a quiz master? Follow these steps and you will be rewarded.

1. Research Your Audience

When making a quiz, know your target audience. Do you have a purpose for making this quiz? Is it going to be just for fun or are you trying to get conversions out of it? Where will it get the most traffic? Will it do best in Facebook groups or get better traction in forums? Do you want an outcome quiz (what character are you) or a knowledge quiz (you got 9 out 10 right)? Answering these basic questions first will go a long way when promoting your quiz and making sure it’s a success.

2. Making The Quiz

The title is the most important factor when making a quiz. If it doesn’t have a catchy title no one will want to take it. Try to be as original as possible. There are already a million Disney princess quizzes out there. Stay away from them. How many questions should a quiz be? That’s up to you and what your purpose is for it. From my successes, my quizzes have been a minimum of 10 questions and a maximum of 15 questions. When doing an outcome quiz, try to have at least 5 outcomes that the quiz taker can be, along with 5 options per question. Use a catchy screen image, that will make users want to engage in the quiz. There are several platforms for building a quiz—Qzzr is a great option.

Blog screen shot #1

3. Call-To-Action

At the end of your quiz, there needs to be a strong call-to-action. Whether there is a discount code that can be given, a free estimate, or anything that will make the end-user click into your site. Try to keep it at 7 words or less. Don’t fluff it up and be straight forward(click here for 10% Off Next Purchase). Another good strategy is getting an email from the end-user where it can be applied to a newsletter that might have coupons in it. The main thing is to have the user engaged from the start of the quiz to the end of it.

blog screen shot #2

4. Social Shares

To help spread the word about your newly finished quiz, and taking the research that you did before you started, start posting on your desired medium. Facebook groups are the easiest way to get it in front of an audience. There is every group imaginable on Facebook. I would suggest finding like-minded groups, joining them, and then posting it there. Most always, these groups will have thousands of members in them, and even if you get 100 people out of a thousand to take the quiz that’s a great conversion, that’s 10%. Don’t be afraid to ask friends to share it on their wall, tweet it out or even pin it on Pinterest. If you know how to use Reddit, find a relevant subreddit, and post it there. You’ll probably get feedback about the quiz on these sites and take it and edit the quiz to make it better if you feel that you should.

5. Forums & Blogs

Finding relevant blogs and forums are a great way to promote your quiz. Using your quiz in a high-quality guest post is a great way to get onto a blog. It gives the blogger something different to promote on their site instead of just a written post. Joining forums that have a large following is also a great way to promote your quiz. Most of the time, you’ll have to create usernames, and it might be a little more time consuming but it will be worth it, as some forums will let it be a followed link and send your site some link juice.

6. Posting The Quiz On Your Own Blog

Instead of pasting the link from the quiz website, make a post on your own blog with the quiz. When you’re sharing the link, share the link from your own blog post, that way when users click the link it will send them to your site instead of the quiz site. This will help build traffic to your site and might even entice some of the users to check your site out a little more in-depth. Be cautious about doing this as your bounce rate might go up, so be prepared for that. Track your quiz by building a link using Bitly or the Google URL builder. This will give you all the analytic data you could want.

Now that you have all the knowledge you know to build a quiz, get out there and start asking people “What car are you?” or “What Grey’s Anatomy character are you?”. If you follow these steps, your quiz should be a great link-building campaign for your company and help build a great following for your brand.