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Managers all over the world struggle every day to motivate their employees to work harder and perform at the highest level possible. Last year, Forbes published an article listing the top motivating factors for employees according to a survey of over 200,000 employees from over 500 organizations. They found these to be the top six motivating factors:

  1. Camaraderie, peer motivation
  2. Intrinsic desire to do a good job
  3. Feeling encouraged and recognized
  4. Having a real impact
  5. Growing professionally
  6. Meeting client/customer needs

By addressing these six factors, managers will find much greater success motivating their employees.

Meeting Client/Customer’s Needs

Setting goals and achieving them are a huge part of motivating people to work hard and do their best. When an employee can see the impact they’ve had on a project, it will help them to know that they’re making a difference in their client’s business. Managers can help by taking the time to talk with employees in group settings as well as one-on-one meetings. At Big Leap, we make a point to share any feedback from clients with the employees who specifically worked on the project. Allowing them to know that the customer appreciates their work, it will help them to feel important and increase their motivation to work hard.

Feeling Encouraged and Recognized

If an employee has done well on a project, give credit where credit is due. People like to feel important, and any feedback—especially positive feedback—will help encourage employees to work hard and do their best. Recognizing good work directly, as a manager, will also let your employees know that you recognize all the hard work they have done.

Having a Real Impact

Encourage all employees to set daily goals and make a list of everything they need to do in a day. Being able to cross off an item from a list can be empowering and help employees to feel as though they are accomplishing something.

Along with setting daily goals, it can be beneficial to hold quarterly reviews with each employee to see what they have accomplished in the last few months and to set new goals going forward. Knowing that your work is actually accomplishing something can be a huge motivation factor. If an employee is working on SEO, for example, let them know exactly what their link-building efforts have accomplished and how much traffic was driven because of their work. If the proficiency of social media ads have increased, let the employee working on that project see the numbers and realize that his or her hard work has paid off.

Growing Professionally

Giving employees specific tasks to help them develop new skills will also help them to stay engaged and involved in their work. Helping to push each individual will enable them to become more marketable employees because of the experience they gain, as well as help the company overall.

Professional development is a great way to help employees stay focused on their work and motivated to go above and beyond the tasks that they are asked to do. Offering training programs or courses where new skills can be learned is a great way to let employees know that they are appreciated and the company is investing in their careers.

Intrinsic Desire to Do a Good Job

Most employees intrinsically want to do a good job. By giving them the tools they need to be successful, and by allowing them to set their own goals, employees will be better able to make smart decisions on how they spend their time.

Intrinsic motivation can be difficult to inspire in your employees. If you try to force it, then it could end up backfiring. The best way is to foster a strong team environment and office culture that encourages personal development and goal setting.

By helping employees to achieve greater job satisfaction, employers can help inspire and motivate employees to be successful. Give a few of these strategies a try and you will be amazed at the difference it can make within your company.

Megan Rothey
Megan is an Digital Marketing Manager at Big Leap who loves coming up with strategies that help businesses grow. She has a fondness for SEO since that was her focus when she entered the digital marketing industry. She is a board games master, a tennis enthusiast, and she adores her husband.