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Have you ever thought of starting your own mommy blog? Do you have one, but don’t know how to get more visitors? Already have visitors and want to make some money? We address all of those issues and have a great step-by-step process to make sure your mommy blog gets the attention it deserves.

Try it Out for Free

So you’ve got a great idea or hobby that you’d love to share with the world, but where should you start? There are plenty of free online services that will let you start your blog for free. Here is a list of our favorites:

When you’re first starting out, use a free service for six months or so to see how it goes. Try to post at least once a week, but two to five times a week is even better. If you find that posting is no problem and you hit your six-month mark, you should probably move on to the next step towards mommy blog stardom.

Create a Professional Website

Mommy BlogProfessional-looking websites help your company look as big as you want it to be. You could be writing on your blog an hour a day from home or have 1,000 employees doing creative research for each post and no one would know the difference–if your site looks professional. The only outward facing part of your company is your website, so make sure that it looks top notch. (Side note: top notch does NOT mean boring – be as creative as you want, but it does need to look professional.)

Professional websites also help people feel comfortable with sharing the site with friends, family, co-workers etc… which helps you get more and more potential readers/customers.

Get More Traffic to Your Blog

There are numerous ways to get more traffic to your blog; you just have to find the ways that work for you. Here are a few examples to get more traffic to your blog:

  1. SEO
    • Stands for Search Engine Optimization, which helps you to rank higher on the Google search page
  2. Frequent Posts
    • The more posts you have, the more traffic you’ll receive.
    • Be consistent. Post at the same time every morning or have a theme for every Friday post.
  3. Use Social Media
    • Create a Facebook page, share your stuff on Twitter, create Youtube videos, etc…
  4. Guest Blog Posting
    • Find similar bloggers and work together. Post on their blogs, have them post on yours. Expand your reader base by writing to a new blogger’s readers.
  5. Submit Your Blog in Contests
    • There are often contests on the web for the best blog in specific industries. Search the web and see if you can enter. The winners usually get great new readers/customers and some sort of prize.
  6. Online Paid Advertising
    • Use the Google PPC network. Often you can get your first $100 free if you look online for a code.
    • Use Facebook ads. If your target reader is a mother in her 40’s, Facebook ads will only show your ads to mothers in their 40’s. You don’t have to pay for non-relevant traffic.

The list could go on for pages; there are always more ways to get traffic to your site. Be creative and think outside of the box to get more people to your site. If you want more ideas, simply give us a call at 1.888.579.6803.

Knowing How Much Traffic is Enough

It seems like the first questions someone asks about monetizing their blog is “How much traffic is enough traffic?” The answer nobody wants to hear is exactly what I’m going to give – it depends. So, let me explain a little further. It all depends on how much money you want to make. Here’s how you can calculate how much traffic you need:

Let’s assume you want to make Mommy Blog Calculating Traffi$100 a day, not a bad income ($36,500 a year for your blog). If you are selling a product from your blog, you should guess that you’ll receive around a 2% conversion rate (the percentage of visitors that visit your site who actually buy a product). If your product makes you $20 in profit, then you would need approximately 250 visitors per day to make $100 each day from your site. 100 = .02 x visitors x $profit, which means that visitors = 250 in this scenario.

If you’re making your money from advertising, then you follow a similar equation. Simply figure out how much money you make from “X” amount of visitors, and then figure out how many visitors it takes to make your desired amount of money.

Contact Advertisers

Mommy Blog Contacting AdvertisersYou can put ads on your blog from day one. Google Adwords is a wonderful program that is easy to use and will help make you money from the very start. You just sign up, get approved, and they’ll send you a specific code to put the ads on your site. After that, you get paid each time someone clicks on the ads.

WARNING: Do not click on ads on your own site or have friends and family do this as well. This is against their rules and regulations policy and will get you banned from their ad platform for life.

After you are getting more and more traffic to your site, there are a few better ways to work with advertisers to make you money. Reach out to niche websites and companies that have products relating to your blog and see if they want ads on your site. Make sure that you show them how many visitors you’re getting and how much time they spend on your site. With this information, it shouldn’t be hard to get a few advertisers to purchase some space on your site. They may even pay you more than Google Adwords will earn for your site.

Best of Luck!

We wish you the best in your mommy blogging adventures and would to help out in any way we can. Fill out the form in the top right corner if you need any help!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director