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medium_3180208815You may think that your blog is interesting and that you choose a subject that should appeal to your target audience, but in the end how many of them would rather just look at memes of kittens and sit back and have YouTube entertain them? The truth is that entertainment is cheap and getting someone to read your writing takes some serious tactics. Here are four tactics that will get people to actually read your blog.

Headings and Subheadings

These are your hooks in the water and if they aren’t catching any attention then no one is going to want to read anything you wrote. Not only should headings and subheadings be interesting/eye-catching, but they should also give the reader just enough of a taste of what the content will be about to build up a little anticipation.

You should be breaking up those paragraphs in order to get more subheadings in there. The more you have, the more skimmable your blog will be. And we all know that skim reading is what we all do best!

Break it Into Bite-Size Pieces

medium_6012360804We all know that the only thing better than Snickers, Reeses, and Kit-Kats are their little bit-size relatives. Why is that? Well, it’s more of a psychological trick than anything else. For those who are dieting, it makes them feel good about themselves because they are showing self-control by taking it in small pieces (even though they may just end up eating the equivalent of 2 candy bars).

For others it can be the fact that they are easy to share or store. You can have a piece to fight your craving and then have another little one 2 hours later without making any mess.

Bite-size candy bars are just all-around easier to fit into our lives. This exactly what you should be thinking about when you are writing a paper. As you look through it you should be checking for paragraphs that have too much content for readers to gulp down.

Be Sincere

The best writing comes when you lay things out like you would in person. People are much more willing to read a blog that is written in this way because it is different. You have to remember that as a writer, you are completely unique and you have a very different way of seeing things. Don’t hold your differences back because they are what make your writing worth reading!

 Keep Things Simple

More often than not, you will getmedium_5299953516 a detailed and sometimes technical topic to blog on. Its easy to get carried away with all of the deep jargon and terminology, but you have to remember that, unlike you, you readers haven’t done all the research.


It’s best to just keep things simple unless you are trying to only be read by people who know what you are talking about in the first place.

The next time you sit down to write your blog, make sure you have these things in mind from the beginning. It will give your readers a better experience and you will probably enjoy writing it much more than usual.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director