Anyone can set up a pay-per-click campaign through Google, as long as they have a credit card number. But does that mean it will be successful?

Below are 4 keys to any PPC campaign to guarantee a great ROI:

  1. Keyword Relevance- When choosing keywords, it is always a good idea to use the “exact” keyword matches. This will drive more traffic to your site that is actually interested in your product or service. It will cut down on the clicks taht don’t bring in any money, because they didn’t find what they really wanted on your site.
  2. Landing Page Content- Be sure that your landing page content lines up with the group of keywords that you have selected. If your keywords are not found anywhere on your site or in your ad copy, your quality score will be lowered by Google, and in return, your ads will not show.
  3. Conversion Tracking- Be sure to use the conversion tracking function that adwords offers. If you are not tracking the amount of clicks it takes for you to receive a client/customer, you are throwing your money down the drain.
  4. Life Time Customers- Be sure that your site and business runs smoothly. Not only can you get one sell from adwords, but you can potentially land a client for life. Talk about ROI!
Adam Jackson