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In the world of Ecommerce, there a plenty of difficulties.  One of those problems you may come across is getting a good amount of shopping cart conversions.  Cart abandonment is a common occurence with Ecommerce and in fact about 50% of all shopping carts are abandoned before finishing checkout.  Most successful Ecommerce companies recognize this and take special measures to make sure the clients are more likely to stay with their cart and complete the checkout process.  Here are a few simple and sometimes overlooked ways to improve your checkout process and solve the problem:

Load Time

Amazon estimated that one extra second of load time would cost them $1.6 Billion in annual sales.  Dang!  Be sure to do an audit of your site to make sure things are running smoothly and if any problems come up,  make sure to fix those soon.  Slow load times will definitely drive away customers.


Show customers exactly where they are and where they need to/can go.  Customers like to see how they got to the page they are on and if they need to, how to find other pages or even finish checkout.  Use a style called breadcrumbs for this.  For example, if I were on a website shopping for pants, it might look like this:
The hierarchy is clear and the customer can easily find their way back.

Recommendation Engine

Chances are you have used either Amazon or Netflix.  If you have, you’ve probably see a little window with recommendations for your next purchase or recommendations for new TV shows or movies for you to watch.  I have actually found quite a few series that I like this way.  Not to mention impulse buys I’ve done on amazon.  Add a Recommendation engine to your Ecommerce  site so your own customers can see what other products you have to offer.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director