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Google shopping is now one of the most successful shopping engines out there today.  How can you make the absolute most out of it?  These are some tips to get your conversion rates up for your product listing ads.

Do it Google’s Way

Make sure you are following Google’s specifications when you set up and maintain your products feed. When you’re using Google’s engine, it only makes sense to follow their rules. Make sure you are updating your feed regularly. Doing it daily is ideal. Also, make sure to check your feed for errors regularly.

Pay More Attention To The Better Sellers

When you find a product of yours is converting well on Google Shopping, increase the bid on that product.  You can change the bid or even display frequency specifically for each day of the week.  Similarly, when a product is performing poorly, you want to do the opposite and suppress those ads.  You don’t want to waste money on products that are not selling.  As you are making new ads, check on this regularly and repeat the process to find out where your budget needs to be going to benefit you the most.

Google Shopping is a fantastic way to get conversions on your product listings. It can be tricky but if you make sure to follow Google’s specifications and regularly maintain your campaign, you’ll soon be seeing improvements to your conversion rates.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director