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Lead Generation

Lead Generation is similar to a leaky bucket. If you stop filling your bucket with new leads you will run out of business. Here are ten easy ways to help you with Lead Generation.

1. Referrals – Your past clients can be your biggest asset to finding new leads.

2. Web Site Response – Staying in contact with new visitors to your web page will bring you fresh leads that are already interested in your product.

3. Sphere of Influence (SOI) – Begin with your closest friends and family working outward to reach strangers who you might only have 30 sec. to talk to. Create a short approach to contacting them in a personal way.

4. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Many people are still comfortable contacting you through a hot-line number for more information.

5. Signs – Eye-catching signs are important for company branding and drawing people to your website or hot-line number.

6. Radio and TV Ads – If it’s in your budget to run a television ad it can definitely be worth the return. Radio ads are often overlooked, but a ear-catching radio ad can be an inexpensive way to hit your target market.

7. Direct Mail – Because it can be expensive make sure you check what your competition is doing and stand out from the crowd.

8. Print Ads – A bold call to action can help your print ad stand out from the crowd of other advertisements.

9. Networking – There are thousands of networking possibilities. Do your research and make sure your network is secure.

10. Prospecting – This can be one of the most reliable ways of Lead Generation and should be done in the morning because it is a more controllable time of day.

Lead Generation can be a great way to keep your business flowing. Don’t get to comfortable thinking that your bucket will never dry up and run out of leads.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director