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Social Media
Here are ten easy tips for helping you increase your social media skills through blogging. Ask yourself these ten questions whether you’re starting a new blog or if you’ve been an avid blogger for five years.

1. What type of blog are you writing?
– Are you starting your blog with the intention to make money, get attention, or share your life with your friends? Social media can be an output for businesses as well as individuals to spread news on a variety of subjects from the release of a new product to the announcement of a new baby!

2. What goals do you have for you blog?
– Without a goal you will never accomplish anything. Are you simply writing because you enjoy sharing your life story? Or do you have other intentions? Set goals to work towards that will help you keep your blog up to date.

3. What is the nature of your value-add?
– If you’re blogging from a business standpoint remember that you have to “give away the farm first” to earn the business you’re looking for. If it’s a personal blog are you going to keep it edgy, informative, or some other category?

4. What is your U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition)?
– No matter who you are social media is used for it is always to sell something. Whether it is a product or your opinion, personal and business blogs are used to provide information and selling points to their target audience. What makes you stand out from the millions of other blogs online?

5. Who is reading your blog?
– If you know who is going to be reading your blog do your best to find out more about them. The more you understand your target audience the better chance you have to provide useful information.

6. Why will your visitors come back?
– If the value of your blog is worthy of your readers time they will come back. With so much information available your readers are looking for the quick and easy.

7. Can you evolve your skill set alongside the evolution of your content?
– Developing your social media skills can be time consuming. Stick to what you know best and try to find the niche where you fit into best understanding your audience.

8. What is the voice of your blog?
– How are your college English writing skills paying off? It might take a little work, but make sure that the voice of your blog sounds like you. No one wants to read a blog that sounds like a machine punched it out.

9. How can you keep your blog fresh?
– If you’re going to keep your readers interested you need to keep your blog up to date. No one wants yesterday’s news – keep up with your target market!

10. Who cares?
– If no one is reading your blog then what’s the point. You may need to stand back and ask yourself what you can do to improve your blog and make social media worth your time and effort.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director