I find it amusing to go onto Twitter and find companies or people with 10 – 15 followers and see that they are following 150 – 200 people. These companies and people are obviously not doing something right. After time and several successful Twitter campaigns we have found out how you can get 1,000 twitter followers in two weeks.

The first key to getting followers is that you actually need to be posting content without spamming. Make sure that you are giving useful and friendly updates once or twice a day. Less than that shows that you don’t care, but more shows that you care way too much.

The second element is to find people that actually follow people back. Find companies in your industry that have a lot of followers, or find people who have even ratios of followers and following. Also, find people who are following a lot of people, they most likely won’t care about their “ratio” and will follow you as soon as their follower count goes up.

The third trick to getting 1,000 followers on Twitter is to find semi-noobs. Those who have been with Twitter long enough that they understand how it works, but short enough that they are still desperate for some following love.

The last trick is to find users tweeting about your industry. Go through the twitter feeds and find people using words involved in your industry. If you find too many businesses in the results, simply add “I” and then the industry topic and you’ll filter out a large percentage of business accounts.

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