Online reviews, like all opinions, can run the gamut from informative to downright ridiculous. But who doesn’t like reading the ridiculous ones? After all, the most engaging critiques and funniest Amazon reviews offer free entertainment!

Before we get to the good part, check out part one of this series. Then, come along through the latest round of the best funny reviews we found across the internet. 

1. Nightmare Fuel

Can one of the best Amazon product reviews double as questionable parenting advice? It can!

Funny Amazon review

There’s no rendition of “Rock-a-Bye Baby” like one crooned through an unsettling rubber penguin mask. Nobody’s really getting any sleep in that house, right? 

On the other hand, this reviewer has come to warn fellow buyers of this mask’s 

power with children.

Funny Amazon review

We can’t be sure about the original intention behind this mask’s design, but it’s working for many satisfied customers. We just hope these kids receive the emotional support they deserve.

2. If the Maternity Dress Fits

One of the best discoveries you can make while browsing reviews is when a product has a handy off-label or unexpected use. Take this maternity dress, for example.

Funny Amazon review

A well-captured photo of a satisfied buyer stands among this maternity gown’s 2,000 positive ratings. Maybe not the intended customer, but a happy one, nonetheless.

3. A Simple Plea

Blockbuster, a nearly-defunct brand that somehow still receives positive press, stands as proof that if you do it right, an online legacy can outlive a business.

Funny Google review about Blockbuster

Honestly, we agree. 

And reviews like this prove it doesn’t take much content to make a statement. 

Perhaps the reviews are more heartwarming than funny. They aren’t the only ones who miss the famous video rental store, though; we’ve seen former customers and employees express support for the store’s return in other reviews and comments.

Funny Google review about Blockbuster

4. Mr. Pride, Indeed

Sometimes, the funniest Amazon reviews happen by accident. If shows like Ted Lasso taught us anything, it’s that radical kindness can be incredibly delightful.

Funny Amazon review

Norel Pride’s selfie stick review is a prime example of innocent kindness bringing joy to the world. A five-star review with a five-star picture. 

Even we’re proud of you, Mr. Pride. You’re absolutely selling it.

5. People That Don’t Gatekeep True Time-Savers

Thousands of little kitchen gadgets were invented to save users time and money. The more specific or unusual their use, the more likely they’ll be gold mines for funny product reviews.

We’ve all fumbled our way through learning culinary knife skills. Enter this banana slicer, apparently a godsend for sliced banana lovers. The benefits don’t stop there.

Funniest Amazon review about banana slicer

This particular product has some of the best Amazon product reviews we could find, from brief and informative to genuinely comical.

Funniest Amazon reviews

6. The One Where Monica Should Contact a Priest

Excellent customer service is worth a good review. Still, sometimes the way members of your staff are received is entirely out of your hands. 

According to this clairvoyant reviewer, the person working the front desk at their local fitness studio had unsettling vibes that warranted branding the business with a one-star rating.

Funny Amazon review

Maybe someone should check on Monica? We’re worried about her.

7. A Rental That Could Save You a Plane Ticket

Why use those vacation hours when you can go for a swim in the comfort of your own bathroom? Check out this funny product review:

Super funny review

This reviewer transformed a truly frustrating experience into an amusing tall tale. Reviews like this are excellent examples of how a good story can hook a reader and gather attention for a business, but this isn’t exactly the kind of attention you’d want as a rental company.

8. The Little Things

When you’re thirsty on the go, you usually grab a drink from a grocery or convenience store. Not Jamie. Instead, they chose an unusual location: UPS.

Funny Google review Sprite at UPS?

There’s something funny about a review telling UPS you were unhappy about their lacking beverage selection. There’s also something magnificent about the company’s response. 

UPS replies consistently to unsatisfied customers. If they’re out of Sprite, something they offer alongside their regular services, it matters. Legitimizing this customer’s concern speaks volumes about the attention they apply to their storefronts—and how important it is that everyone leaves happy.

When Funny Reviews Aren’t Funny

When you and a reviewer are on the same team, hilarious reviews can do wonders for your business. Some customers, however, take their grievances about your company online, whether it’s a restocking issue or an employee’s aura. 

Your company can handle unhelpful reviews by flagging or reporting fraudulent or unverified comments. Directing efforts toward building a more substantial positive online presence is crucial. Whatever your course of action, Big Leap can assist you with your reputation management.

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