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When it comes to the thriving world of social media, there is a lot to be said, and not much space to say it. Finding a way to make the most of your Facebook posts can be the key to your social media success. Whether you are trying to build up your business online, or simply make your friends laugh, creating awesome Facebook posts is the way to go.

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What Makes a Likable Facebook Post?


So, you’re on your Facebook page and trying to find something to write, how do you know what to write and how to get attention? It’s really pretty simple. A truly likable Facebook post comes down to a few quick steps:


  1. Keep it short! The posts that get the most likes usually have between 80 and 120 characters.  Short statuses tend to be the most liked on Facebook, especially if they are interesting as well.
  2. Write for your audience! As you are writing your post, you have to keep in mind who you are writing for.  What do they want to know? What interests and excites them? Writing for your audience will make it much more likely that they like your posts.
  3. Tell them what to do. The most liked, shared, and commented on posts have instructions for the reader.  Do you want them to comment? Then tell them to comment and ask them questions! Your readers will respond to your request, and you will all have a lot more fun!
  4. Use interesting media.  Shake things up a bit, have posts with images, videos, and links.  If you give your readers something to look at, they will start to look forward to your posts, and respond to them more openly!
  5. Interact with your audience. Once you’ve posted, your job isn’t quite done.  If someone comments on a post, respond to them—this will make your audience feel important and listened to, so they will want to like more of your posts.


With these tips in mind, you will be able to become the most popular friend on your news feed, so start writing and have fun with your Facebook page.  Social media is about being social, and if you can connect socially with your friends and clients, you will be able to forge relationships that will withstand the test of time!


So, next time you’re on your Facebook page trying to come up with something to write, remember to be yourself, and talk to your friends, they want to hear from you.  Make Facebook fun, and start getting more likes with our Social Media team’s help today!

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director