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what is html5
HTML5 is the latest greatest version of the web programming language, HTML. Its a big deal for web designers and programmers because it includes several new features that make interactivity easier. It has huge implications for the future of the web including the future of internet marketing.

In the past if you wanted to have any animation, video, or dynamic images on your site your options were pretty much limited to using Flash. This sometimes caused problems because it required users to download Flash and keep it updated. It caused problems for search engines because until recently when Google began to index flash files search engines couldn’t read them at all. Entire web sites were built in Flash and were unable to be read by search engines.

With HTML5 there are several new features that have the web design community excited. There are several new tags, including <video> <audio> and <canvas>. Each of these allow things, such as video embedding, that previously required plug-ins to be programmed directly in HTML. HTML5 also integrates SVG content, making animation with vector graphics possible.

what is html5
The <canvas> tag lets programmers use JavaScript to create graphics among other things. This means there is less reliance on alt tags when search engines try to understand images. Search Engines will actually be able to read the code for the graphic. Right now it is a painstaking process to draw with HTML and Javascript, but Adobe has announced the development of a new program that will allow users to draw and animate in HTML5 with ease.

interactive music video html5
The Google Chrome team has been hard at work to create projects to test the capabilities of HTML5. My favorite projects are some interactive music videos that have been created with OK Go and Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s Rome. You’ll have to watch both of them in Google Chrome to get full support. As these videos demonstrate, HTML5 has huge implications for the future of the web. And unlike Flash HTML is free making interactive website design affordable for more people.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director