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Online Business ResolutionsIt’s 2012, and that means it’s time to allocate your budget for the year. How much do you plan to spend on marketing? Getting your business’ name out into the public eye is no small feat. And the public’s eyes are online. Make sure you are, too. But don’t be a guppy fish about it, do it right:
  1. Make your site even more user friendly. Let people know what you’re all about, and don’t leave them with any questions other than “Why haven’t I done this already?”
    Ex. If it takes me even 1 whole minute for me to get from your site that you sell insurance, you may have a problem.
  2. Update your local listing. Since local results are combined with regular listings, consistency is crucial. Make sure that your address, phone numbers, and website are listed identically across the web.
    Ex.  It’s either your office line or your toll-free number. You have to pick just one.
  3. Let people find you through social media. If you don’t have accounts set up with all of the major social networking platforms, your company is behind the times.
    Ex. How can your passive-aggressive customers let you know what they’d like to see changed if you don’t have an account for them to complain on?
  4. Refine your SEO key terms. It’s okay to sacrifice mega-volume for quality leads. Often better than okay. An accurate key term with responsible link building will get the right people looking at your site.
    Ex. Be clear but not general. (*Salute.) If you’re looking for potential customers, your key words should reflect that. Someone searching “shoes” wants a desktop background; someone searching “leather upper charcoal saddle shoes” is probably looking to buy.
Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director