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The New Year is off to a roaring start. The first half of January has already come and gone and right now, many of us are taking a second look at our New Year’s resolutions and rethinking that commitment to exercise every day, to stop watching TV, or to cut french fries out of our diets. But here at Leadgenix, we’re set on staying committed to the goals we’ve set for 2014.

New Year's Resolutions

Let me share a few of the top goals I’ve set for myself and our social media team:

Our Social Media Top Goals for 2014:

  1. Make Social Media a Strategy, Not a Tactic In the past 7 years, social media has proven itself asa powerful communication channel to reach new and current customers. Now, let’s integrate social media into all of our projects, strategies, and campaign plans from the very beginning so that interaction and dialogue are central to our long-term business goals—not an add-on or a last minute photo contest, but a true customer engagement channel. It’s easier than you think!
  2. Social Media is NOT a synonym for Facebook We’ve learned there’s more to social media than Facebook and even Twitter. Let’s introduce our clients to the broader spectrum of social media and the special audiences that can be reached through great tools like Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slideshare, and let us not forget our old friend, the blog.
  3. Social Media Optimization is the New Search Engine Optimization SEO as we knew it is dead. The new “magical formula” for search engine optimization, however, is something we’ve all experienced for years: create real value and real people will talk about your company! Somehow, throwing the words “social media” and “search engine” into the mix made people forget that we’re still talking about real people looking for real answers provided by quality businesses. Provide those answers and give your customers a reason to talk about you, and your business will have Facebook fans and website traffic, and more importantly, more loyal customers who are happy to talk about your company, both online and off.
  4. Blur the Lines Between Paid Advertising and Organic The latest ad offerings on sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Plus seem geared towards making paid content less intrusive to the user experience. We think they’re finally getting it! At Leadgenix, we help our clients to partner with influencers and online communities that help get the word out on social media, because we know that that’s where customers go to get their product reviews and buyer recommendations. In 2014, we don’t think that advertisements have to feel like commercials. Instead, customers want credible endorsements from the people they trust.

So, those are some of the New Year’s resolutions that we plan on sticking with this year. Best of luck on the diet and exercise, but to get your online marketing efforts in shape, Big Leap is ready to be your 2014 Jillian Michaels. Call or email us to see if our plan could work for your business!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director