Instagram Video or Vine? Which is better for Small Businesses?

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As the world of social media continues to evolve into a powerful marketing tool for small business, new platforms like Instagram Video and Vine are beginning to take the reigns. Both Instagram Video (15 seconds max) and Vine (6 seconds max) are designed for users to create short videos. Unlike Youtube, which doesn’t have a time limit, Instagram Video and Vine require brands to produce creative content that will capture their audience in just a few seconds, something that users seem to enjoy.

Why create short videos?

Most consumers in today’s world don’t have time (or don’t think they have time) to sit around for several minutes waiting for a video or commercial to get to the point and to capture their attention. We are accustomed to short, powerful messages and if we feel something is boring we immediately turn away (think about the last time you tried to upload a website and it took more than 5 seconds so you exited out of it). Instagram Video and Vine allow brands to create these short powerful messages we as consumers need.small__9207892856

How can you use Instagram Video and Vine?

Both Instagram Video and Vine can be used by small businesses for a wide variety of purposes. You can use the short videos to give sneak peeks into new products or services you will be releasing soon. You can create videos that show the behind the scenes of how your businesses runs or how a product is developed and manufactured. You can create videos about the employees or culture of your company that help consumers trust you. Whatever you choose to create, remember to make the videos short and powerful and capture your audience!

Now that we have discussed a little about why you should be using Instagram Video and Vine and what types of videos you can create, lets discuss which platform is best for your small business.

Benefits of Instagram Video for Small Businesses

  • Instagram allows you to create videos that are up to 15 seconds in length (Vine is only 6 seconds) although you do not have to use all of the 15 seconds. If length is something that is important to you, stick with Instagram.
  • You can delete footage while editing a video, a feature Vine does not have.
  • The same 15 filters that are available for Instagram Pictures are available for Instagram Videos. This can help make your video content more exiting and appealing.
  • Instagram currently has over 130 million users, all of whom (if they have had their app updated) automatically have video.
  • Videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Email, and foursquare.

Benefits of Vine for Small Businesses

  • Vine videos are automatically looped meaning that once that video has played through it will automatically start over.
  • Vine is owned by Twitter and videos are automatically embedded into your tweets. This means videos will show up without a link on Twitter, while Instagram Videos will only show up as a link. Twitter currently has a half billion users, so your potential audience is much higher.
  • You can embed vines into any website.
  • 6 second limit prompts greater creativity.

If you are still having trouble  deciding which platform will work best for your small business, start out using both and discover what your followers enjoy more. Once you have discovered the power of video for marketing your small business, you will never go back!



Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director